Who am I

Musician, singer and wellness coach (stress management vs well-being) , I offer you above all a space of relaxation, listening and holistic support, joining muscular test, tools for stress release, energetics, vibratory, sound & voice healing. According to your objectives put into words or translated by the energy imbalance of the body, I accompany you all along your way home to serenity and your own power of creation.
Whether or not you are in the artistic domain, I suggest you inviting well-being in everyday life, for a better life, full of joy and your natural creativity.

My commitment : a classical training in educational psychology, music and music therapy, a global approach of the human being, acquired through a solid training course in specialised kinesiology integrating body, energetics,  emotion, nonverbal communication, and power of the intention. 20 years of work experience, personal research and reflection. The whole, summarized in a small sentence:  » I am responsible to activate all my resources to allow you to bring back yours to the forefront « .