musical kinesiology : individual sessions

Individual sessions :   musical kinesiology,  artistic coaching & vibratory healing…

Is a journey … a meeting with the vital energy waiting to speak  through you.

Tuning the human instrument

Reconnecting to Oneness

Providing the healing space  of Silence

Re-enchanting the body.

Revealing the beauty,

Vibrating talents.

Waking up  our inner laughing child,

Unlocking his Creative Source.

First of all : Discovering conscious  and uncouscious  objectives or intentions of the session. Clarification,  return to feeling, emotional release, visualization …
Tools are numerous and always adapted to the demands, needs and energies of each.

Each session allows:

harmonizing posture, breathing, sensations and emotions through balancing global energy
resonance experience, aligning your internal rhythms and / or releasing emotional memories related to your goal, whether related to sound & music practice or not.

For those who play an instrument or sing, you can additionally:

Release the fears and emotions associated with learning and stagefright.
Distinguish your wills and needs, yout  deep artistic « values », from what  have been imposed or suggested.
Reconcileand / or deepen the relationship of the physical, energetic and emotional with your instrument.
To meet your identity sound / vibration and print your personal music

In practice:

Duration: From 1h15 to 1h30 (first session) – single session or follow-up (+/- 1h)  depending on your goals.
Practical dressed (e), comfortably seated or lying (e) on a treatment table, sometimes standing in the playing position for instrumentalists
Specific tools : muscle testing (never painful), work on feelings – tuning forks and / or resonant bowls, music or recorded voice.
What to bring: your personal goal (for the specific support of musicians bring your instrument)

Group coaching  rates on request.

Paris: for appointment ( Quintessences center, 4bis rue Thibaud, 75014 Paris – metro Alesia

Depending on my annual travel schedule, you can meet me in Paris, Niort or Marennes.
Price per session: 90 € first session (80 € follow-up) in Paris – 70 € (65 € follow-up) in Niort – 60€/h in Marennes as a guest of our Guest House « Le logis des Lauriers Roses »
(Students: 20% on request)